"Women are described in animal terms as pets, cows, sows, foxes, chicks, serpents, bitches, beavers, old bats, old hens, mother hens, pussycats, cats, cheetahs, bird-brains, and hare-brains…‘Mother Nature’ is raped, mastered, conquered, mined; her secrets are ‘penetrated,’ her ‘womb’ is to be put into the service of the ‘man of science.’ Virgin timber is felled, cut down; fertile soil is tilled, and land that lies ‘fallow’ is ‘barren,’ useless. The exploitation of nature and animals is justified by feminizing them; the exploitation of women is justified by naturalizing them."

Karen J. Warren Ecological Feminism  (via youhauntyourbagofbones)

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amarie-di-caprio said:

White people mispronouncing are names is also about power. Remember that white man reporter asked Quvenzhané Wallis if he could just call her "Annie"? He probably wouldn't ask Renee Zellweger if he could just call her "Renee Smith". Or Ivanka Trump "Katie Trump". Or Zach Galifianakis "Zach Jones". Somehow you can manage when they're white. Also think about how black women who have "ghetto sounding names" are less likely to get a job interview. It's all about power & erasing our identities.

Whys it sooo hard to find Housing in LA with my lover?!? I fucking work for Housing Services!!! So does my lover!

"If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry."

Edgar Allan Poe  (via uncloudy)

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cuddling is probably one of the most passionate forms of love there is because you just feel so safe and close to the person and it feels like all your worries go away and it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world


"i’m not a feminist because i don’t hate men"


"Every time we call a girl “fast”, we perpetuate rape culture. Every time we call a girl a “THOT”, “hoe”, “slut”, or “whore,” we perpetuate rape culture. Every time we consume media where the hyper-sexualization and objectification of (Black) women’s bodies is evident (and the women themselves may not have agency over their own representation), we perpetuate rape culture. Every time we tell our girls how to “protect themselves” instead of telling our boys how to be respectful and to recognize the bodily autonomy of women, we perpetuate rape culture. Growing up, my mother gave me the “don’t get raped” run-down that many girls get: don’t wear suggestive clothing; don’t drink anything you haven’t made yourself; don’t stay out too late; don’t go out by yourself; have your keys in your hand walking to your car late at night… Not once do I ever remember my brother getting the “don’t rape a woman” speech."

Michelle Denise Jackson is a writer, performer, storyteller, and teaching artist living in Southern California. She is a graduate of NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She has performed in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Washington D.C., and Southern California. For more of her wit and work, visit her website (michelledenisejackson.com) or follow her on Twitter (@MichelleJigga). (via unapproachableblackchicks)

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